I have not received my gift card, where is it?




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    Brian C Green

    Give it time. They do get bogged down at times with im assuming e mails regarding rewards which slows them down even more in processing them. Or even could be an issue with Tango. I've e mailed them before about them accidentally sending me a "Test" link for a gift card. It took about 20 hours or so of back and forth e mailing(given time zone diffeerences im sure is more than appropriate) but they were more than happy to help and stayed in contact with me to make sure it was cleared up. They even have me some points back due to the dilemma. So that being said just like ANY other business. When they get flooded with complaints that said complaint will more than likely get delayed due to being side tracked by something they were already trying to solve. Patience my young grass hopper. The way will be shown in time.

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    Jacob butchko

    It's true I've made over 15 dollars from this app and they may take some time to get it to you or respond but truly give it time I believe this company has good intentions yet get a lot of flac for not being perfect about being exactly on time so please just wait and see

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     Ok I have a update I was contacted.and the problem has been resolved some how.the email address was wrong but 5hey have fixed the.problem and I will definately be keeping a better eye on my information so I thank you for handling this situation for me greatly apreciateI have tried to get some sort of response from this so called customer service and after 4 emails have still not recieved even so much as acknowledgement that they have even seen them and it says that it was sent to my email and I have checked and checked and rechecked both primary and spam files and nothing from miatplay or tango and thos has been for the last 4 days so I guess that is their way of telling me that they have no plans of even trying to make this right this is the worst customer service I have e er seen why have e customer service if you are not ever going to do anything about the problems

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